My path to success has not been conventional. I have developed an ability to pivot my direction, adapting my approach and applying myself to the challenges around me. It did not take long to realize that the career I thought I should be chasing was not going to provide me the environment I needed to excel so I withdrew from University to become a hairstylist. I was able to tap into my creative side while building other people up and helping them feel confident, leaving them better than I found them.


Life quickly changed for me after my second child when I experienced severe post-partum depression. This struggle pushed me to uncover unknown gifts and unearth a strength and skill set I did not know I held. I had to find new ways to survive, let alone go after what I wanted.


I started my own salon and had a very successful referral-based business. I also started a social selling business and climbed the ranks, building a team of 115 and more than 2,200 customers. It was during this time that I doubled down on social media marketing and branding, positioning myself as a thought-leader within my company as well as outside of it. I was regularly training an extended team of more than 2,000 and was invited to be the featured social media speaker and coach at a leadership conference in Calgary. The CEO tapped me to attend one of North America's leading digital marketing conferences in Austin, TX, where I networked with the marketing leadership teams from companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Frito Lay, Southwest Airlines, NFL, NBA, MLB, Dolby, Intuit, Sony, and more.


Throughout this time, I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about leadership. I attended Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins, conferences with John C. Maxwell and Les Brown, and became an avid reader of leadership and communication materials. I realized I, too, could step into the role of an influential leader.


I am an ambitious professional with leadership proficiency and Marketing Specialist experience. I thrive in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, aiming for positive results by applying my decision-making and communication skills. I possess expertise in team leadership and inspire colleagues to maximize their performance. I am able to visualize success and identify unconventional, yet highly effective strategies for achieving it.