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But here's a sneak peek!


"I just finished taking the 'Building Your Brand' online workshop with Tamara! This woman! She is a fierce and gentle teacher. Tamara creates a space in which you are able to quiet the noise and come alive creatively. She makes it easy and safe to dig your heels in and get that fire lit. I found her to be abailable, engaging, respectful and obviously so so knowledgable. She is a pure professional and huge hearted human. I can now share my brand (I have a brand!!!) with the world...and do it with confidence. I loved this course and would recommend it to anyone seeking a mentor in this field. Thank you Tamara!"

-Ali H.

"Tamara Lee's training on Building your Brand was wonderful! She walked us through the steps to get us in motion, breaking down what we need to do to get into action and gave us great tips to do so. Thank you Tamara!!"

-Anne G.

"Thank you for putting this workshop together and sharing your knowledge with us Tamara. You have definitely helped me put together several ideas and tie up loose ends. The tips and tools you gave us are very helpful and much appreciated! I look forward to other workshops."

-Vicky Z.

"I love this training/course with Tamara Lee on Building your brand. It's something that I've been thinking about, but not sure where to start. I'm so glad to be able to start something that's going to be a big impact on me for my future. I would recommend this course if you feel stuck and need somewhere to start." 

-Lorrina J.

"If you are looking for a way to raise the flame on a fire that you have burning inside - if you have ideas on building your brand but you aren’t sure what steps to take then I highly recommend taking a workshop offered by Tamara Lee. She is dynamic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive. She has the traits to be a great coach. I am so grateful that I committed to her workshop and I look forward to learning more from this woman! Thank you for sharing the tools you have so that other woman can achieve their goals! You are an inspiration."

-Erika B.

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